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Focus on Strasbourg Airport

Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport (more commonly known as “Strasbourg Airport”) is a French airport located 12 kilometres west of Strasbourg. It is located in the territories of three municipalities (Entzheim, Holtzheim and Duppigheim), and is only a few kilometres from the German border. It is therefore located completely to the east of the Grand Est region, and the Bas-Rhin department. 

Strasbourg Airport was opened in 1923. It is the second airport in Alsace and the Grand Est. It offers two terminals, one for 21,000 square metres of passenger space and the other for 9,000 square metres of cargo. There is also a terminal building for civil and business aviation. After a 10% decline in passenger traffic in 2016, traffic increased again by 12% in 2017, reaching more than 1,200,000 passengers in that year.

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Services at Strasbourg Airport

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Strasbourg airport has several stores: two Aelia Duty Free (offering alcohol, perfume, regional products…), a Casino, as well as a Relay store (press, books, tobacco, gifts).

You will also find many services: a mailbox, an infirmary, a nursery, free Wi-Fi, Playstation 4 terminals, terminals dedicated to tourism (to learn more about the possibilities of the region), relaxation areas, cash withdrawal terminals, a photocopier, a photo booth, rides for children. The airport also offers 3 food and beverage outlets, as well as the opportunity to try a flight simulator. There are also several travel agencies, a flight school with 300 square meters of premises, a border police office, as well as a business center.

Since September 2017, a helicopter transport company has also set up shop at Strasbourg Airport. It is primarily aimed at the travel of business leaders, civil servants and elected officials of the European institutions (Strasbourg is considered the capital of the said institutions, housing in particular the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights).

Shuttle with private driver to Strasbourg Airport

Strasbourg airport is served by more than a dozen airlines. It allows flights to many French destinations, but also to Morocco, Belgium, Prague, Spain, Corsica and others.

Strasbourg airport has four car parks and a drop-off point. Parking lots are both short and long-lasting, P2 parking even has terminals to recharge electric and hybrid vehicles. Car parks offer assistance for people with reduced mobility, as well as special monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions.

The airport is also served by numerous TER shuttles (type of french trains), particularly from Strasbourg.

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